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Market your practice better – Psycological Triggers 2

Here it is. The second in a series in which we will be having a look at various psychological techniques and triggers that can be employed ethically in your practice to get patients to behave as you would like them to. Whether it’s in attracting them to you, or helping them overcome the hurdle of the BUY decision. You will recall that we were using the analogy of Sean D’ ... Read More

Market your practice better – Psycological Triggers 1

Have you ever had a go at advertising your practice and had a less than satisfactory response to your best efforts. Or had a patient already in your practice and as you get into suggesting a frame, lenses and coating combination, they begin to fidget, mumble some excuse and then walk out the door and you lose the sale? This is the first email in a series of 8 in which we will b ... Read More

The Case For Direct Response Marketing

The foundation of your practice marketing and sales systems should be built on a number of principles including direct response marketing principles, psychology of effective patient follow-up, systems to help patients self-qualify themselves financially, sales systems to manage each potential patient from the point of initial contact to the point where they say yes to treatment ... Read More

Consulting Beyond Fee Resistance And Creating Exceptional Profits

There are 5 simple marketing steps that any practice can take that will reposition it to consult beyond fee resistance and create exceptional profits. Your entire marketing system should be structured so that by the time a patient gets to your practice, they feel fortunate to have secured an appointment to be seen by you and they are determined to do business with you, and o ... Read More

The ONLY Legitimate Reason You Can’t Get Testimonials For Your Practice

Firstly let’s talk about “why” you always want to get testimonials. It’s simple. Testimonials make the job of the sale infinitely easier. After all, what others say about you is “at least” ten times more believable that what you say about yourself, and believability is what moves a patient to making a buying decision. So why do so many practices struggle with gathe ... Read More